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Halo Magdalena Zaucha-Nieć

Wierzbięcice 31, 48-303 Nysa, Poland

  1. 1. In matters goods orders and imports (language: English, Polish) tel: 0048 535 926 717 if the number is out of range, please call the phone number of Bengali (direction 0088): 0088 01786277608

    Viber: 535926717, whatsupp: 883997886

    E mail:, contact us by e mail to: Polish, Russian and English.

  2. Brand Firi cooperation (in Polish) tel: 505 363 818
    E mail:

  3. Contact by phone in: Romanian and Bulgarian tel: 0048 663 602 423

  4. Russian contact phone: 693229080 (Viber, WhatsApp)

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