Clothes on order from Bangladesh

To meet the needs of our customers, we wanted to inform you that as a leading importer of Asian and Bangladeshi garments, we deliver you clothes on order directly from Bangladesh. 

We consult with you not only samples and patterns, but also fabrics. If there is a need, we are able to manufacture wholesale quantities of clothing including T-shirts (larger quantities), shirts (larger quantities) and other garment items.

Depending on your requirements we order garments sewing and complete manifacturing. All enquiries are forwarded directly to Bangladesh.

We represent several Bengali factories with which we have been working closely since years. These clothing factories manufacture apparel and clothes for world most famous brands including the ones like: Adidas, H&M, Reebok, Kiabi, GAP, ZARA, and more. For most of the time we are in Bangladesh where we have a team managed by us. We make large quantities of garments: T-shirts, underwear, shorts, jackets, sportswear, advertising clothing, jeans, sweaters, knit and woven products, and many other types.

Description on how we work:

  1. General consultation of the collection, patterns, and fabrics to be used.
  2. We get a ready pattern or design from you, or we suggest our own designs of clothing.
  3. We make sample designs at several Bengali factories and we send the ready product to you.
  4. We review the sample designs and make the necessary/required corrections.
  5. We review the materials quality before the production - we send samples.
  6. As a wholesaler we constantly monitor the production in the factory from beginning to end.
  7. We collect the manufactured clothes.
  8. We arrange transport to deliver the goods to the nearest designated forwarding agent i.e. shipping warehouses in the Chittagong harbour.

We have the knowledge of the models we sell, as well as about the most wanted and desired fabrics, trends, and designs. Some of the patterns, designs, and fabrics we manufactured or which have been manufactured by one of our factories in Bangladesh can be found in the 'Our projects' section.

The smallest wholesale quantities of clothes on order (examples):

  • T-shirt, T-shirts, blouses, sweatpants, sweatshirts, leggings, polo-1 color -1 print -300 pieces of model
  • Jeans, jackets, sweaters -400 pieces of model
  • Working clothes -500 pieces of model

  • Clothing and uniforms -400-500 pieces of model