Clothing wholesale supplier Bangladesh - clothing production low prices

Our clothing wholesale supplier in Bangladesh take care of direct clothes import. We offer men's, women's and children's slippers as well as all types of outlet in all sizes. We import only garments produced for world brands such as Adidas, H & M, and Reebok. One of the advantages of Bangladesh is cheap clothing production and hence its low prices.

Collection of all kinds of apparel:

  • sale of ready stocks (clothing displayed on the page)
  • clothes sewing on order (from 500 pieces to 100,000 pieces from the model)
  • quality checks and factory audits in Bangladesh
  • Different packing and repacking options in Bangladesh and in Poland
  • Other business services in Bangladesh (various industries)

Our company were established in 1971 (the first documented activity) as an import-export enterprise. By the year 2011 we have had a lot of time and the opportunity to meet people and learn what qualities we need to be trustworthy. On the basis of that knowledge we have built trust through our years-long work.

Since 2012 we have been representing several factories in Bangladesh, we produce garments in factories in Bangladesh and we have warehouses, but also other offices in Poland and Bangladesh. We import apparel, garments and various clothing types to Poland or export container-quantities of clothes from Bangladesh to the customer. You will find surplus cheap clothing - wholesale for attractive prices.

We can send the offer of clothing stocks, perform the production of the designs you chose (design price estimation or ready design), we perform quality audits and quality checks on orders, and we can also serve the merchants and those who work for you directly in Bangladesh. We arekeen to discuss the details of the cooperation with you.

On the website we offer both the goods we have in Bangladesh as well as in Poland, these are clothing slips or fresh produce-patterns that we can make . We are open to any other cooperation proposals.

Please contact us by phone or email. Contact in English, Polish or Russian. Please only offer serious offers.