Advertising clothes distributor Bangladesh

We offer professional and high quality advertising clothes from Bangladesh. As a direct distributor we can order manufacturing of advertising T-shirts, sweatshirts, but also workwear, and other apparel clothing. We are representatives of several clothing factories and warehouses in Bangladesh and we have been working there for a long time. These factories manufacture clothes and garments for world leading brands such as: H&M, ADIDAS, REEBOOK, ZARA, KIABI, CELIO, GAP.

For most of the year we are in Bangladesh, where we have a team managed by us. We produce larger quantities of advertising clothing and smooth clothing for printing of advertisements, any models and cuts. If you are interested in more advertising clothing - we can order manufacture of wholesale quantities of different types of clothes. We have our offices and factories in Bangladesh.

We are a wholesaler and importer of advertising clothing and plain clothes for printing, we can accept garment sewing and production orders for wholesalers.

Minimum order for garment production (examples):

T-shirts - 300 pieces, shorts -300 pieces, trousers -300 pieces, sweatshirts -300 pieces. Any models and clothing of the type of jackets, coveralls from 500 pieces.

Ready-to-print clothing currently available on our website.