Workwear directly from Bangladesh factory

As a wholesale clothing importer directly from Bangladesh, we offer you professional workwear for affordable price and manufactured from quality materials. We have a modern factory in Bangladesh. Continuous workwear for well-known brands in the industry. We produce for various industries, we have a designer who is able to create any design based on the requirements of our customers.

We provide a one-year warranty on every product. We provide documentation of laboratory tests for the quality of the materials used. The delivery time is 3 months. We offer cheap working clothes and we guarantee import directly from Bangladesh.

Patterns - the products we have made for our Clients can be found in the "our projects" tab.

We are also a wholesaler and direct importer of workwear. We have the cheapest as well as ready-made work clothes for attractive prices at the warehouse in Poland (now they are working gardeners). We can also download directly from this type of clothing directly from Bangladesh. Models and prices are shown in the pictures.