Clothing manufacturer Bangladesh clothes importer wholesale

Welcome to our website, 

We operate as a Bangladesh clothing manufacturer and importer. Our company have been operating for more than 40 years (it was founded in 1971) and since 2012 have also been a representative of Bangladesh companies.

We have our offices and warehouses both in Poland and in Bangladesh, which significantly increases our attractiveness for customers interested in outsourcing cheap clothing production in wholesale quantities. Over the years of our business, we have earned our high reputation as a company which offer the access to high quality corporate clothing and apparel from Bangladesh.

We provide a wide range of services - both for individual clients as well as for companies and distributors. We offer clothing tailored to the individual customer, we sell finished clothes stocks and trade outlet. As a direct importer of clothes from Bangladesh we have the necessary experience as well as the the opportunity to offer you cheap branded imported clothing in a short time and solidly packed.

Over the years we have been working with factories that sew clothes for world-renowned brands: Adidas, Reebok, H & M and many more. You can outsource the production of wholesale quantities of clothes to us: T-shirts, jackets, trousers, sportswear, sweaters, as well as professional workwear. On our website you will find both the goods offer for Bangladesh and for Poland.